Oxygen Modalities

Oxygen Modalities

Oxygen Modalities

Through our Respiratory Assessment Program, HomeTown Oxygen Respiratory Therapists evaluate the way the patient will be using their oxygen to determine the most effective oxygen modality for them.

Portable Oxygen Systems

For the Extremely active patient.

  • InvacoreTM Home fill Oxygen System
  • Multiple cylinder sizes available
  • Provides an unlimited refillable oxygen supply
  • Ensures Oxygen purity is always greater than 90%

Gaseous Oxygen Portables

Patients that are moderately mobile or traveling for long
periods of time.

  • Pneumatic and electronic Conservers that are patient friendly (Titrated with oximetry for tolerance)
  • Various tank sizes

Oxygen Concentrators

Best used as a stationary system and/or patients that
use oxygen at night.

  • All units have Oxygen Concentration Alarms
  • Equipment function checked annually
  • Ultra quiet models

Liquid Oxygen

For patients that are highly mobile.

  • HeliosTM Portables – 10 hours of portability1
  • MarathonTM Portables – 20 hours of portability1
(1) Portable set at 2 liters per minute on demand flow setting, respiratory rate of 20 in optimal environmental conditions.